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The Unrevealed Affection

You   entered  into  my  life  as an  unknown  facenot   even  knowing  what our  friendship  would  makeThat  I would ever embraceand  cherish each  and every  moment.……………..Your and mine  meet  was very  unknown  and  unusual  thoughtNow ,looking  back to our timeReflects as a series of of our memorieswhich  are replayed  to the world.…………………I love  the Continue reading “The Unrevealed Affection”

Unraveling the fabrics of Time

Well, after some ages, I’m here on my chair with a black ginger tea on the table, and with each sip of its earthly flavor, I had decided to express some inner feeling amongst you. So, lemme begin with an old traditional proverb- once upon a time I had cherished some marvelous days in myContinue reading “Unraveling the fabrics of Time”

The mystery of unfolded letter

When people argue what actually love is? Some says it’s the joyful adventure that we cherished to a level of ecstasy, while other claim as it is the fluctuation of sorrow that tears the fragment of oxygen we inhale. It depends upon the experience of individual as different emotions are attached with the word ‘Love’. ‘Love’ itself is a divineContinue reading “The mystery of unfolded letter”

Pandemic in Paradise: a bane or a grace

Aayana  Giri, do you know her? I bet you have heard this name at least once. You might be thinking what has she done worth remembering her name. . Is she a social influencer, Instagram model, miss Nepal or some other special personality. Well, she is no one but represents all of us. Few weeks ago, 29 yearsContinue reading “Pandemic in Paradise: a bane or a grace”

The Menagerie Of Etiquette

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering”                                                                                                                -Friedrich Nietzsche Thinking of how we celebrated 2020 ; Hoping everything goes with perfect flow heading towards new upcoming beautiful days .The sudden change with all the pandemic things and sad news people are trying their best to overcome thisContinue reading “The Menagerie Of Etiquette”


July16,2019Everyone have different story to start with, but mine is kind of mesmerizing. It was the day when I met someone with whom my vibes were enclosed, as relished as Museum entity; a material only to be observe and not to touched. “Every day is a Gift and some days are braced better” that day was meant forContinue reading “THE DESTINY WE LOST”

Reminiscence of Journey

Today has been a few months of living in somehow an old place with new notions and sentiments, just that now it appears different and I have even forgotten to smile & seek for happiness. It never feels plenty to enjoy doing what you love in life. Yes, some months ago living life was something magical, withContinue reading “Reminiscence of Journey”

The Enchanted love of Happiness

Why can’t we live with the people whom we loved and cared for? Some leave eventually, whereas some leaves leaving a reminisce. Every time when she looked at me, her beautiful eyes seems to have words to express. I had no idea that she would be so mysterious. Her talks were unstoppable & pretty interesting. WeContinue reading “The Enchanted love of Happiness”