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The mystery of unfolded letter

When people argue what actually love is? Some says it’s the joyful adventure that we cherished to a level of ecstasy, while other claim as it is the fluctuation of sorrow that tears the fragment of oxygen we inhale. It depends upon the experience of individual as different emotions are attached with the word ‘Love’‘Love’ itself is a divine mystery; some expressed while other, carry with themselves for eternity of life. So, how do you describe an unexpressed love?

We love to admire people those who are built with the akin vibes affix to your heart that beats in frantic way, your hands start to vibrate, but you still can’t blurt out the words from your mouth. Being with someone especial make you to believe that everything seems to be delightful and marvelous, which even starts to fill the scars of darkness into the butterflies. You see affection in every dawn and the moment you open your eyes you still reminiscence the mesmerizing soul that you adore to capture forever. You start longing that every individual day you could be with that person and listen to their stories, even the beam of air start flirting with the laugh they gaze, and you wish to seize the time holding their hand and claiming its mine.

Deep down, I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams. As cherishing time with you is like adding a scoop of ice-cream in a brownie to give more saccharine taste, adding extra cheese in the pizza which although accumulate fat but you value each pinch of it. With the tradition of moon, I imagine you and me glancing at the stars and I could inaugurate my unexpressed feelings towards you whispering about the first time I saw you in the crowd, that had turned my dim light life into a CFL bulb. People were rushing to catch the ship but I was lost at yours smile for which I fell for, and we both rowed the same boat together and even the crowd didn’t matter to us.

It might be a coincident that our destination was same or it was a destiny written by god to bridge the two wandering soul together. We looked at each other and smiled. Then, you had offered me a cup of strongly blended Robusta espresso and with each sip you inflate me closely to your soul.
Although I knew “love is a poison”, but I was ready to fall in love, and hand over my control, heart and mind to you. But I never tried to express my feelings when I should have. Still every night, I imagine you in front of the moon, and utter the unexpressed letter to knock the wind out of me.

“As memory is a river, one that always runs backwards”, and there is a madness in loving you, a lack of reason that makes it feel so flawless. I admire my expressed love and wait for the night to express it to moon.

Based on true story
Story by:
3am writer
Word by:
Sagar Dahal

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