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I just want to cut negativity around me 

who tries to destroy faith to my


and bore me with reason for not living it.


I sit beside my bed and think for all I have seen. 

I do imagine how will be the world without 

negativity that I shall ever see. 


I have drained the cup of disappointment and pain 

and gone many days without  a  song. 

Thinking life goes on and it never allows   

to enjoy its fruit, 

but it is totally wrong. 


For still, there are many things
that I have never seen
In each row and column,
there is a different thing.

I refuse to be no more in the world of negativity 

by the words of spirited men who should be  

crushed under the weight. 


Beware of negativity who steps

in the path of your dreams. 

For, they would rather sting than give

you anything. 


REMEMBER! Negativity will never say a positive thing. 
They lack true substance to understand that genuine beauty  
is in the heart but they are too insensitive to recognize it. 
Finally, run away from those who tells you to BEWARE 
because they are too AWARE of EVERYTHING 
which we don’t need. 

Poem by:
Sahira Shrestha

Instagram account- sahiramiyy

If you want your story/poem to be heard by other people. Feel free to connect through


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  1. Beautiful entrance; But you know, I personally think that you should look at yourself, suggesting that you place more value on your soul than on your being. It is from there; that negativity will not reach you. That “fake men” will know before pressing who they are up against. And when in doubt, the man always refuses. What I have expressed is trying to suppose that whoever wrote the poem has allowed himself to flow … A cordial greeting.


  2. Beautiful thought and love the writing. Hope every individual will think in this way and one should free their mind with negativity.Thumbs up (Y) (Y) (Y)


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