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The Enchanted love of Happiness

Why can’t we live with the people whom we loved and cared for? Some leave eventually, whereas some leaves leaving a reminisce. Every time when she looked at me, her beautiful eyes seems to have words to express. I had no idea that she would be so mysterious. Her talks were unstoppable & pretty interesting. We both were so much in the moment of happiness. We could not feel the time we passed together. If I have to sum up I would say IT WAS MAGICAL. Her talks, her actions had blown my mind for that moment I just could see her and only her; with no backgrounds!
We started with a simple hello with no any expectation of falling in love but ended with a complicated goodbye”. Unfortunately, the day is here which could be the end of us for short time or even for life span. Yeah, it’s really hard to say “GOODBYE” to whom you fall in love and cared for.It seems just few weeks we had been connected to each other but the tears from her eyes had spoken many more. Every tears from her Eyes says,“Don’t leave me; not now, not so easily”. It was even an emotional phase for me, I wanted to say thousand word but I can’t, I hugged her and with no word to express my feelingsand I went from that place. Goodbye is the hardest thing to say to someone who means the world to you, especially when goodbye isn’t what you want.

Everyone had different love story to start up, but mine was some-kind of magical love.
It was my Farewell day, the last day celebrated to congratulate everyone and say “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” Everyone were well dressed, busy with clicking picture and making promises to stay in contact and cracking some funny jokes as always. But on that day, a girl wearing yellow kurthi with a chubby face suddenly passed from my side. I did not recognize her. The day was really memorable.

As usual days, I was scrolling my Instagram newsfeed, I saw a typical cute Indian girl named MADHAVI. She looks like Panjabi and with interest I texted her “HEY” and the conversation began.
But suddenly she interrupted saying I saw you, I was shocked, WHERE!! and she replied, I had seen you on yours Farewell day, OMG I was surprised and excited to know, I asked myself “was she the same girl with yellow kurthi?? I said to myself “stupid me” why didn’t I look back at her.
Slowly our conversation began, we used to chat for hours, days and we planned to meet for lunch but our exam delayed our plan far enough.
And the day finally came when we were going to meet. So, I decided to invite her for lunch. We had a good time, we talked about the past days, family, future plans, cracked some nonsense jokes with full of laughter and endedthe day with a romantic memory. 
We had just met for the first time and ended the day so beautifully. But in evening, I was in deep confusion, was that Our Craving, or Was it “LOVE”. Then I asked her thoughts into it and even She looked dazed, but Whatever it was, it made us both happy. 

Many people pray to be out of unexpected problems. Some people pray to confront and overcome them andwith that day, we got chance to get more close and got to know many things between us.

After that day, we used to share every talks but with all that circumstance I had forgotten that I had limited time at that place and it’s the end. Yes, it was end of my graduation day and I would never be in this place.
Every moment we cherished together was a happy moment for us. With that enchanted period of time I really felt in love with her. At last, I collected my guts to express all my feeling and we decided to meet for the last time in college and she dropped me to my station. I could not expresse my words; we both were silent but the tears in her eyes had spoken all that beautiful memories we cherished together. I wished the time would have stopped and I could be with her forever but that was just pipe dream. 

Now when I think about her I wish to re-live those moments which were enthralling. Somewhere she also might be thinking the same way as me! But the reality now is that we are miles apart. We can only cherish the moments we lived. These moments have created a beautiful space in our minds which we can’t forget for life span.

People say these things doesn’t happen in real life, but HEY there.! It is possible. Goodbyes are not forever; Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again.

When we’re least expecting it ,One day in some far off place,I will recognize your face,I won’t say goodbye my love , For you and I will meet again.
This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a Thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and teaching me the way to live life, thank you for loving me and all those reminisce will be cherished forever.
Based on true story.
Story by:
Sagar Dahal
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10 thoughts on “The Enchanted love of Happiness

  1. ♥️Made my morning! This is really beautiful & soulful.Everyone in our life comes to teach us some lessons.Beautifully written♥️


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