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Reminiscence of Journey

Today has been a few months of living in somehow an old place with new notions and sentiments, just that now it appears different and I have even forgotten to smile & seek for happiness. It never feels plenty to enjoy doing what you love in life. Yes, some months ago living life was something magical, with good vibes people around me, full of happiness, energy and obviously a heartfelt smile on my face. Mostly everyone’s life has a phase that they wish would never end. Those days were the golden era of my life. Nothing ever is really lost to us as long as we remember it and the worst part of holding on to the memories is not the pain, it is the loneliness the memoirs leave back. So here Is me sharing my Reminiscence of this Journey.

Aug 2015, 
A special day of my life and I am completely thrilled to be here. For the very first time I visited a new country. As my feet touch its ground, I process my inner voice-saying million things. I swear I wasn’t able to make it out. A new country, new ambiance, new people, new hopes, new aspirations and dreams that had painted the picture before hand- of the place of my future and far from home. All I could taste in its thick air was a bittersweet feeling that I had brought along with me.Being a fun-loving guy, who needed to crack nonsense jokes and make everyone smile, I was anxious to get involved in such a new environment.
In the starting days, I used to feel lonely and even regretted having arrived to a place that I should not have been in. Strange place, strange people and offbeat life was slowly transforming into a new chapter. In the way, of living life, some peculiar people became close to me, some by true means and some by their needs. Since that time I knew it always took real efforts to be a real friend and to find a true friend who by all means endures you forever.

Living a Hostetler life for 3 years was amazing beyond words, have you guys ever experienced playing Soccer at 2am in the morning? Roaming around the university for a cup of coffee at 3am in the morning, Shouting outside the window even when there used to be 5-10 seconds of electricity shutdown. Watching Series till 8am And attending the class at 8:45am. No doubt it sounds weird but I used to cherish every thrill these minute things gave to me. With all those small happenstances some people even said you are an abnormal guy Mandish, yeah maybe I’m, but all those stupid activities I did, I could see people around me observing me with smiles planted on their faces and giggles that sounded beyond beautiful to me. Every time they used to say ‘Sale Kun Chai din Fasaucha yesle’ but I had a constant and instant reply “You Only Live Once” So enjoy every second who knows what tomorrow holds. I even had some weird and idiotic friends who used to visit me at midnight, traveling 12km and used to say “Nidra lagena ek Cup Chiya bana na”. We even got drunk, and with the hangover we went for a bike trip of 1400km. All I could experience in road trip was the freedom of the open road was serendipitous and absolutely liberating Warm, palmy air – the air I can kiss – and palms.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never adjourn to the journey. Life was going steady but unfortunately, I realized I was driving at night communicating with lights and had forgotten how fast the time flies. The time was here, the journey that I wished never ended is about to get over. 

Now it has been about six months that I have come far from the world that I wished to live forever with all those people so full of life but I can never returned to that time.
I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved, where all yours past years are buried in depth, leave it the fastest way you can with acceptance, love and learning’s. Never turn back with the belief that an hour you remember is a bitter hour because it has died sometime back right after you lived in it and left it behind. The years that passed seem like the safe ones to me, vanquished, while the future still lives in a cloud, formidable from a distance.

In the end, I will forever be grateful to everyone who endured me, loved me and stayed with me till today and forever. With all those Reminiscence of this journey that my heart holds in it irreplaceable now it gives a clear call to my senses that it is good to pause in pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
Based on true story.
Story by:
Sagar Dahal
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