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Pandemic in Paradise: a bane or a grace

Aayana  Giri, do you know her? I bet you have heard this name at least once. You might be thinking what has she done worth remembering her name. . Is she a social influencer, Instagram model, miss Nepal or some other special personality. Well, she is no one but represents all of us. Few weeks ago, 29 years old, Aayana had the most beautiful moment of her life. 
She had  got the chance to feel motherhood for the very first time. A proud mother with a happy family surrounded around with all the joyful faces. As they say happiness doesn’t last long, the worst is yet to come. She felt having some complications in her body and doctors stated it as a weakness after delivery and ignored the complications. But it was something else.

She had invited some unfamiliar demons, dangerously common to her body. Demons that didn’t discriminate whether it was boy or girl, infant or old, black or white! Demon that was far superior than the humankind. She was helplessly ill .Family arranged for everything they could and rushed her into the city hospital. But poor Aayana, who tolerated the excruciating pain while giving birth, couldn’t get out with the tiny organism which further colonized in her lungs. She took her last breathe and was even unable to give name to her own baby. And here comes the heart whelming part, while the whole family was mourning for her demise, the government was just preparing to enter the record and announce the first death caused by the tiny creature. From a normal person to just becoming a number count and many people like us, Aayana fought bravely. This demon was named as COVID-19. The ruthlessness of the demon like virus can be adjudged by the fact that the name of the brave woman stated above is a made-up one. Yes, it’s true. This virus makes you identity less.

The pandemic has affected the primary aspects such as health, education, transport, economy and food globally. People are out of their busy schedule but they are more worried about the future. The initial phase of the lockdown was somehow enjoyable for many of us but slowly we see the threat, the nightmare coming around and hunting every single individual. We all made the time productive by engaging ourselves in the activities we could never do as before just because of our hectic schedule. We all had a good time and the fortunate us! Who got the time to gather around with our own families. Many of us still enjoy this, but deep down in our head this thing is not working well, we are having a mental pressure to go back to the time that once we considered normal.

Also, we have been hit hard by nature, a punishment for realization or an alarm to wake up and see what we have done. However, if we observe our environment, we can see huge positive changes. The most happiest and cheerful is our mother nature. Decreased pollution, increased vegetation, growing freedom of animals and greenery all over. Thanks to the lockdown, the environment is reviving and relishing.

Speaking of freedom, I now truly realized the life of caged birds and animals; the way they were forced to stay inside deprived from their own species. They might be happy now seeing us here in our cage because we were when they were caged. No, they aren’t because even without consciousness like ours, they are smart enough to feel sad about how the life of humans on earth has been changing. Kindness is alive among birds and animals but we humans have been so busy decorating our life by destroying the precious gift of our nature. We human have been so cruel to our mother nature and at the end, we are the one to question and blame a year ”WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN 2020?”

Owing to the lockdowns at local, regional or national levels at various nations across the globe; the significant impacts on the well-being of the global community can be observed. On the positive note, staying at home, social distancing are sought to be the only appropriate ways to prevent the virus contamination. On contrary, the mental health of people are challenged upon. The issues associated with mental health has been one of the greatest global concern nowadays. Suicide cases are increasing rapidly. Is it just because people are more frustrated due to this global outbreak? Or is it just because people are more depressed by their changed lifestyle? Or is it just because our minds are fully inclined towards negative vibes?

The world is devastating in ascending order; either it may be in social, mental or economic aspects. Talking about social issues, ongoing discriminations, racism, cartelism, bigotry are hitting the globe hard. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. Many innocents are losing their lives on the basis of their races, religions, castes and many more. But why? Is this the reason why we exist? Though we belong to same planet, same red coloured blood circulating in our body, we forget to love and respect each other. Kindness left the humans world earlier! Moreover, doctors; one who have strong work ethic and work every day, regardless of how tired they are or what is going on their personal life are misbehaved. Misbehaved, just because our living God couldn’t save people’s lives? Come on! Why would they be so heartless to do so? Or is it true, why would they choose this occupation? Similarly, the incident of cruelty towards the pregnant elephant in Kerala, India has triggered massive outrage. Where has the HUMANITY gone? Humans are more  dangerous than COVID-19. 

Of course, this is not the life we wanted nor we had thought of it. The act we had showed to nature had eventually kicked hard to our life and we call it “KARMA”.
We are surviving in an era where the oxygen we puff, the water we intake is even an illusion of its purity.
So, instead of criticising others, let’s Spread more love and respect everyone!

Story by:
Inosha Upadhyay
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36 thoughts on “Pandemic in Paradise: a bane or a grace

  1. Yes, I agree – we need to let go. I believe in karma and we have treated the Earth (and each other) so badly I think we had it coming to us. Love and Respect are critical. It’s about the only thing we have to hang on to. PS Thank you for following my blog.

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  2. Es un placer el comprobar que has decidido seguirme en mi web: “”. Estoy segura de que se creará un vínculo increíble entre nosotros. Me encanta la idea de compartir contigo la riqueza de mi libro, porque su novedad va más allá de lo cotidiano y su mensaje no nos puede dejar indiferentes.
    Mary Carmen

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  3. Yes, your post resonated with me BIG TIME!! Why, I keep asking myself and God, why can’t we just love one another and our earth? Your post captured my heart I was afraid it was YOU who had lost that baby. I was relieved to know that was fiction. Like you, I see the good that has come from this pandemic: “The most happiest and cheerful is our mother nature. Decreased pollution, increased vegetation, growing freedom of animals and greenery all over.” But I am no PollyAnna, I also see the pain, the death, the destruction. And I pray daily for our mental health and for the wisdom to follow the scientific advice and beat this COVID-19. Thank you for your post and for leaving your calling card at JanBeek so I could find you. God bless you! I’ll be back! Bee 🐝 well!! ❤️

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  4. Wonderful global reflection! But since the first industrial revolution, the human being is also destroying himself. And before since the beginning of Genesis, the appetite for power and domination has been a constant of the times. Today we observe everything they have commented and we continue looking the other way, in the face of the economic power associated with political power, who are only interested in accumulation and do not care about subduing Human and Civil Rights. Until the peoples of the world demonstrate peacefully, we will continue with pain seeing deaths, discrimination, hatred, wars driven by spurious interests, media that are no longer independent and sell us “rotten fish.” The love that you proclaim, whether it is God or whom we believe, must not only be declared, but also exercised, through mercy towards others. A cordial greeting.

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