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The Apocalypse for Change

Nov. 17, 2019
Like every normal morning, the warm-cozy sensation of the daylight struck in my face and with that tingly sensation I woke up and got ready for the work. Drinking A glass of warm water with some citrus, added a saccharine smile on my face and I rushed myself to the work station.
This was my normal schedule everyday, but out there in some corner of the world this day turned to be a miracle. An apocalypse that will make every heart agonized for some decade known by “COVID-19“.
A 55-year-old individual from Hubei province in China may have been the first person to have contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus spreading across the globe.

With more than 4.1M infected and death of 280K this virus is elevating its trend every hour. Every nation in the world is locking themselves down to make sure not to get contract with virus and for me and Every Nepalese its 49days of continuous lockdown with no hint of ending. These 49 days seems to be exhausted for everyone, Staying home, isolating themselves, Turning extroverts into introverts. Those revolution, dreams, they wanted to picture as realities in 2020 got vanished or shifted backwards for some more years. But thinking of all those negative vibes is all we did these 45days?Was all just this? 
It’s an Absolutely no for me.

Reminiscing those 45days has taught me many aspects to life that went unobserved for a long time. It taught me, what really mediation is meant for, being patience is a success for a great win ahead. I was too poor about the history of the world and this quarantine made me travel back to the ancient Nepal, world war and many more which in turn built my strength up. After Staying so far from the family for long, this lockdown gave me a perfect time to be with the loved ones, having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family And having both is a blessing. Helping mom in cooking new dishes and the guidelines advice about the awaiting long life journey from Dad was something that made me connected to them & inspired my spirit to lead myself into a new hope of achieving something. May be far away after some period these days won’t be back into my life and will stay in the chest or my reminiscence forever. Communicating with my old colleagues, who were just as a sigh of friend over my social media was really something that took me back to all those wonderful things and irreplaceable memories once again. I even learned a new language “Española”.
I even watched some series and entertained myself and believe me “money heist” was a dazzling one but “Miracle in cell no 7” was something that took my tear and heart away.

It’s really hard to travel back and ahead of time but this quarantine took me somewhere far, where I was unable to reach when I thought I was walking normally to reach there but I wasn’t really able to. Usually people complain these days are Turning them dull and lazy but have you realized, “You lost the moon while you were too busy counting the stars“. Complain is never a solution instead bring a solution to heal the issue.

The Combination of Fear of disappointment, entitlement, and performance pressure Is a recipe for hopelessness and self-doubt.
As there is way, there is a solution and still it’s never late to start again, Lets Share positive vibes, never fear yourself until you commit sins, and let nothing take you down and yes let’s begin right away, you, me and us.

Based on true story.
Story by:
Sagar Dahal
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10 thoughts on “The Apocalypse for Change

  1. In this kinda situation, this story has got good positive vibes on it. Its highly appreciable! This was a great one! I am tuned to hear this type of story. Thanks buddy!


  2. Very true indeed. Times like these, what we need is patience, understanding and a lot of positivity. We need to be reaching out and helping each other during these difficult times.


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