“Love or Lust?”

What is love Or Lust? I wonder how many people can answer this question confidently.
Love is a deep feeling of affection that you have for another person. It’s a lasting attraction that goes beyond the surface and turns into emotional attachment.For me, Love is “longing to include the other as part of yourself.”
Lust is based solely on physical attraction, fantasy, when contrasted with love. For me, Lust is “the first stage of falling in love”. It’s driven by desire. You know when somebody who is super attractive and is everything you are attracted to, walks past you and you just go “wow”… yeah, that’s lust for me.

 In the early stages of a relationship, it can be difficult to know what you are live-in “love or lust”. Both are associated with physical attraction and coupled with an often overwhelming desire to be closer to another person, but only one is long-lasting: love. Even with your first partner, it’s really just a lust thing. Of course if you stay with that person for the rest of your life then it really was true love.

In ours past generation, the love was true they had sworn to live together, and share the happiness/sorrow till the last breath- this is called a true love for life. By there wills, we are here living a happy life- smiling, enjoying ours own moment.
Nowadays, when people say there is love at first sight, there really isn’t. That feeling is lust. It takes years and years to realize what actually is it “love or Lust”. The current generation youth, willing to stay in live-in relation or want to spend much time with someone either means you love them, which is automatically good, or you are lustful, which is automatically bad.

In the recent survey, when it comes to the reality, 3 out of 5 people mentioned that their partner mistook love for lust. There is a thin difference between these two, As in a way both are interlocked to one another.

There is a famous proverb by Wolfgang Mieder- “Better late than never”. So its better to take time to understand the true meaning of “LOVE OR LUST”. It feels so good getting over the things you thought you’d never get over with.

At the end, Longing for your touch I was in love, but you were in lust. In search of true relation/love with her, I found she just wanted Lust with someone else and still she call it love where she is simply in lust. I want to have someone to help me shovel out our grave together. I want to be so interlocked with another that I never feel alone again, and I want to give that gift to my other.
But where are you?

Due to these misconception of understanding : LOVE OR LUST, the youngsters commit suicide.
So, what you guys are live-in with “LOVE OR LUST”, leave a comment below.

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21 thoughts on ““Love or Lust?”

  1. Yes off course love ❤️ is natural things it’s happen automatically.if we got true lover nowadays it’s too good for us .its too hard to find a true love those who got I think they are lucky 😍👍


  2. Love is a vague term. Being together forever is not enough. Romantic love always starts with lust, as u already regarded it the first step of love, its upon us either we take it to the final step or drop it down.
    Glad to read u. Keep writing.

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